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Archives for March 2021

How long do porcelain veneers last? Mine broke within two years.

Although my dentist told me that porcelain veneers could last about 20 years, I had a veneer break within two years. My dentist had a lab replace it, but the color is too light. The veneer is for my left incisor, so the color difference is noticeable. My dentist sent the crown back to the lab, and the tech baked a glaze onto it to make it darker. My dentist removed some of the glaze to get the shade right. But when I left the dental office and looked at my tooth in natural light, I can see that the tooth is still too dark, and the veneer is not as glossy as the others. I am not confident with all the changes to this replacement veneer that it will last any longer than the original one.

I have two questions: How long are porcelain veneers supposed to last? And if one breaks, can I expect challenges with getting the color to match the other veneers? Thank you, Gabriel from Reno, NV



We hope you are receiving treatment from an expert cosmetic dentist, but your description creates concerns about your dentist’s experience. It is challenging to replace one veneer, manipulate the color, and achieve an exact match. A dentist needs advanced training and artistic ability to replace a veneer seamlessly. We will answer your question about how long veneers last and address the issues with your broken veneer.

How Long Do Porcelain Veneers Last?

Porcelain Veneers infographic from the AACD of which Beverly HIlls cosmetic dentist Dr. LeSage is a FellowPorcelain veneers can last up to 20 years. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, porcelain veneers’ average lifespan is about 12 years. But the long-term success of veneers depends on several factors, including:

  • Quality of the veneers
  • Skill of your dentist and ceramist
  • Your dentist’s tooth preparation and bonding techniques
  • How well you take care of your veneers and your oral health

If you want long-lasting veneers, it is essential to find a dentist with advanced cosmetic dentistry training who uses a lab and ceramist that focus on quality and high aesthetics.

When Porcelain Veneer Color Does Not Match

When porcelain veneer color does not match, the issue is often color metamerism—color changes in different lighting. Expert cosmetic dentists are aware of the issue and will check color shade in natural light near a window or use color-correct fluorescent light to ensure a match.

Although your dentist can brighten your veneer by polishing away more of the tint, if he is not careful to check the shade in different lighting, you still may not have a match.

A Few Thoughts About Your Dentist’s Technique

Your dentist’s technique is to remove some of the tint from the outer veneer until he achieves a color match. But most expert cosmetic dentists work with their ceramist using photographs and color descriptions to achieve a closer match. If additional adjustments are required, the dentist manipulates tints beneath the veneer instead of polishing away tints above it. It seems that your dentist is not familiar with the tinting process or does not stock tints to manipulate them beneath veneers.

When a Porcelain Veneer Is Not Glossy

If a replacement porcelain veneer is not as glossy as the others, a cosmetic dentist uses specific diamond polishing wheels and polishing pastes. Advanced cosmetic dentists extensively use these tools and understand techniques to return the glaze to the porcelain.

Sometimes, porcelain veneers are too shiny. But a skilled cosmetic dentist can correct that, too. For details, read our post: My porcelain veneers are too shiny. Is it too late?

Consider a Second Opinion

We suggest that you find an experienced cosmetic dentist—preferably accredited—to examine your veneer and explain his or her approach to achieving a color match. If you decide to switch to an expert cosmetic dentist, you will get a perfect color match with your replacement veneers.


Porcelain veneers before and after photos from Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Brian LeSage

A cosmetic dentist’s skill can affect how long porcelain veneers last.
Photos of Dr. Brian LeSage’s patient

Accredited Fellow of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Brian LeSage of the Beverly Hills Institute for Dental Esthetics, sponsors this post. Dr. LeSage is an international lecturer and trainer of cosmetic dentistry. Check out Dr. LeSage’s smile gallery.


Is it too late for an implant denture?

I have worn upper and lower removable dentures since 1998. Is it too late for an implant denture even if I have bone shrinkage? Thank you. Teri

Teri – Thank you for your inquiry. Regardless of how long you have been wearing dentures, you can still receive implant dentures. But we will explain some factors that may affect your treatment plan.

Is It Too Late for an Implant Denture?

You can get an implant denture even if you have worn removable dentures for decades. But the condition of your jawbone can affect your treatment plan.

Long-term denture wearing

Tooth roots stimulate and preserve jawbone, so when all your teeth are missing, your body uses the minerals from your jawbone and uses them elsewhere. Your jawbone will begin to shrink, and within ten to fifteen years without bone support, your facial muscles will sag. It will become challenging and uncomfortable to wear a denture.

Dental implants and bone shrinkage

An implant dentist embeds dental implants in your jawbone for support. But if your bone volume is low due to shrinkage, dental implants will not be stable. Before you receive implants, your dentist or surgeon must build up the bone or use a technique that does not require grafting if you are eligible for it.

Bone grafting for dental implants

Options for bone grafting for dental implants include harvesting bone from your body, possibly from your hip. Artificial and sterilized bone products are also available. Your implant dentist or surgeon will explain your options.

Implant overdenture

Lower implant denture

Implant denture

An implant overdenture is another name for an implant denture. The denture base snaps, clips, or screws onto dental implants. If you receive a traditional overdenture and have bone loss, you will need a graft before implant placement.

All-on-4 implants

All-on-4 uses four to six dental implants and places them at angles so that more of the implant root is in contact with the bone to increase resistance to displacement. This technique can eliminate the need for bone grafting.

Look for a dentist who is experienced in dental implant restoration or implant placement and restoration. Dentists who restore implants only work with an oral surgeon or periodontist to place your implants.

Dr. Brian LeSage, a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, sponsors this post.

Is it too late for an implant denture?

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