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Can I trust my dentist to redo my crown for the third time?

My dentist did a crown on my left incisor, but it did not match the porcelain veneer beside it. My dentist replaced the crown, but the color is still off. It is darker than the veneer and my other teeth. He told me that a perfect match is challenging, so I asked for a new crown that is whiter—not darker than my other teeth. I am not confident that my new crown is going to look good. How many times can I have a crown redone before my tooth starts to weaken? Thank you. Leila



Although your dentist has not been able to match your crown to your veneers and your natural teeth, a perfect match is possible. An advanced cosmetic dentist has extra training to match the crown so well that you can’t tell the difference between it and your natural teeth.

But most dentists approach tooth restoration with the goal of fixing the damage, not achieving beautiful results. Tooth color and translucence are complex. Within a single tooth, color varies from the gumline to the edge. Matching a tooth includes matching tooth enamel and the dentin beneath it. So advanced training and technique are required.

Matching a Crown to a Porcelain Veneer

A single porcelain veneer held by dental forceps

An advanced cosmetic dentist can match a crown to your veneer and surrounding teeth.

Advanced cosmetic dentists do not bond on a crown without placing it on your tooth and asking your opinion. They pay close attention to if you are hesitant about whether it matches your teeth or porcelain veneers. If you are hesitant, the cosmetic dentist will redo it until it is perfect and you are happy with the result. An artistic dentist will never tell you that you won’t get a perfect result or that your smile looks great when you do not think so. Even if it takes three to four try-ins, a skilled cosmetic dentist will perfectly match the crown to your veneer and surrounding teeth.

Will Redoing a Crown Hurt Your Tooth?

Redoing a crown will not hurt your tooth if the dentist is careful removing it and preparing it for a new crown. It takes skill to repeatedly remove a crown and bond on a new one, and you should only trust an advanced cosmetic dentist to do it.

Unfortunately, it sounds like your dentist lacks experience in this area. We recommend that you get a second opinion from a dentist with advanced cosmetic dentistry training and experience.


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Can I trust my dentist to redo my crown for the third time?

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