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Beverly Hills Lumineers

The Den-Mat Company makes Lumineers®—a brand of ultra-thin porcelain veneers. We like the concept. A thinner veneer means that less tooth structure has to be removed. In some cases we may be able to skip tooth preparation altogether. But there are much better brands of ultra-thin veneers available.

Lumineers vs. Other Brands

Photo of the tip of dental forceps holding a single porcelain veneer; for information on Lumineers from Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Brian LeSage DDS.

Lumineers and other brands offer ultra-thin veneers

  • Ultrathin – Lumineers are ultrathin—about 0.3 mm thick, compared with traditional veneers that are 0.5 mm thick. But there are other brands of porcelain veneers that are equally thin.
  • Minimal prep or no prep – Dr. LeSage believes in preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible. In his opinion, too many cosmetic dentists are too aggressive in grinding away healthy tooth structure. In the courses he teaches, he emphasizes minimal tooth preparation.
  • Two visits – Lumineers offer a new smile in just two visits. Although you can receive other brands of veneers in the same timeframe, speed shouldn’t be the priority in getting a smile makeover. Dr. LeSage is committed to creating your ideal smile efficiently but without rushing through the process. You’ll have time to examine and try on a mockup of your smile design and request changes to ensure the outcome is what you envisioned.
  • Esthetics – The biggest problem with Lumineers is that they require their veneers to be made in their own lab. Many experienced cosmetic dentists agree with Dr. LeSage that the results produced by the Den-Mat lab often lack lifelike translucency, shape, and color. Dr. LeSage works with several master ceramists who each produce stunningly beautiful results custom handcrafted for each patient.

An Alternative to Lumineers

Dr. LeSage’s criteria for creating a beautiful smile design differs from the Lumineers model. What can you expect from him?

  • Your smile design is carefully planned in a consultation appointment. He then studies all the photographs he has taken, along with the study models of your teeth, sometimes in consultation with his master ceramist.
  • Your teeth will then be prepared with the least amount of tooth reduction consistent with achieving your ideal smile design.
  • He will provide a provisional smile makeover for you to wear. You have to love the provisional smile makeover before the ceramist begins making your veneers.
  • When your new smile is bonded on, it will be beautiful and natural-looking as well as soundly crafted and long-lasting.

Your smile design will fit and function well and beautifully enhance your smile. Read the details of Dr. LeSage’s process on our porcelain veneers page. You can call us to schedule an appointment for an exam or complete our Request an Appointment form.

Beverly Hills Lumineers

“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.”
– Thích Nhất Hạnh

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