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Beverly Hills Painless Dentistry

Much of the anxiety about dental appointments comes from anticipating pain during the visit. Dr. LeSage of Beverly Hills provides several options to help you receive painless dental care. Here are your options:

Local Anesthesia

Dr. LeSage uses several techniques and a combination of local anesthetics that leads to a safe and painless experience. Many of his patients are surprised when they can’t even feel the injection.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

We can administer nitrous oxide, commonly called “laughing gas,” to increase your comfort.  As you breathe in nitrous oxide it calms you, gives you a sense of well-being, and reduces your sensitivity to pain. You will remain fully conscious and one of our staff members will always be with you throughout the dental procedure. It is a very safe form of sedation. There has never been a reported serious accident with nitrous oxide gas when used with proper equipment.

I.V. Sedation

I.V. sedation provides a sleep-like state throughout your dental procedure. We use an anti-anxiety sedative that makes you feel sleepy and relaxed. The result is partial or total amnesia for the duration of your dental appointment. After your painless dental care is complete, there is a good chance that you won’t remember any of the procedure. Dr. LeSage completed a one-year residency in Hospital Dentistry at UCLA in 1984 and has a California conscious sedation permit. He updates and maintains his skill level by attending the annual California Dental Society of Anesthesiology (CDSA) conference. And he continues to serve as the state safety examiner for the CDSA.

If you have dental anxiety or have traumatic dental experiences from the past, I.V. sedation will help get through any dental procedure with a positive, productive visit. We will monitor your vital signs and ensure a staff member is with you throughout the dental procedure.

Beverly Hills Painless Dentistry

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Our office follows all of the infection-control guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the dental setting, including updates for combatting the spread of the coronavirus. We are confident that you are safe with us.