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Beverly Hills Porcelain Onlays

Porcelain onlay for a molar tooth, available in Beverly Hills from Dr. Brian LeSage.

Porcelain onlay

Porcelain onlays restore the shape, function, and health of your teeth. Although dental crowns are more popular, onlays provide a healthier, less invasive, and highly esthetic alternative.

What Are Onlays?

An onlay is a custom-made restoration that replaces the damaged portion of your tooth. It covers at least one cusp—or peak on the chewing surface of your tooth. It can also extend on the side of a tooth.

Why Choose Them?

  • Conservative preparation – Traditionally, a dental crown is used to restore a tooth that has extensive decay or damage. But the natural tooth must be filed down circumferentially for a crown to fit over it. An onlay preserves healthy tooth structure—only the damaged portion is removed and covered with the restoration.
  • Highly esthetic – We use high-quality dental ceramics to mimic the color, gloss, and translucency of natural teeth. Your restoration will match your tooth. And no one will be able to tell the tooth was ever damaged.
  • Superior fit – Dr. LeSage uses in-office CAD/CAM technology to make custom restorations that fit precisely on your tooth and seal out bacteria. Your tooth will look like new in just one visit.

What Can You Expect?

Dr. LeSage will provide your onlay with the following steps:

  • Numb your tooth with local anesthetic
  • Remove decay or damage from your tooth and clean it
  • Take impressions of the tooth with a handheld digital camera
  • Select a block of ceramic that matches the esthetic shade and function required for this tooth
  • Transfer the digital model of the tooth to his in-office milling machine and craft a custom restoration
  • Place the onlay on your tooth and check it for a smooth fit and proper bite
  • Bond it to your tooth and polish the margins

You’ll have a stable natural-looking restoration.

Before-and-after porcelain onlay photos from Beverly Hills accredited cosmetic dentist Dr. Lesage.

Due to decay and fracturing, this patient’s amalgam fillings were failing. Dr. LeSage used biomimetic principles to replace the fillings with porcelain onlays.

Interested in Onlays?

Few dentists place onlays. This cosmetic treatment requires advanced training, skill, and artistry. Dr. LeSage is an accredited fellow in cosmetic dentistry and will provide you with natural-looking, long-lasting restorations for your teeth.

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Beverly Hills Porcelain Onlays

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